Born in Tasmania, now living in the South of England with my husband and our Norwegian forest cat Nixie. We make synthpop together and are still competing for the highest score on Robotron and Millipede.

Captivating visual storytelling is at the heart of what I do, from starting as graphic designer to working as a 3D artist, comic book artist and 2D animator in Australia and the UK.

In 2012 I founded the Moving Image department at LEO Learning, nurturing a team of passionate animators working with big clients across the globe. In 2022 I returned to freelancing in search of exciting opportunities to break new ground.

My experience running a studio has given me a full-stack approach to storytelling, combining my technical skills in many disciplines from typography to 3D, with the soft skills required to manage a team, streamline workflows and bring big projects to completion on time.

I regularly work with clients across the world from Taiwan to California. I’m happy to work with your timezone.


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Art director

I can design contemporary and engaging styles for any animation project. I bring my solid experience in traditional and modern techniques to the practical considerations of every design. I’m experienced running large teams of animators on complex projects with multiple deliverables.


I can make your story stand out from the crowd with expertly crafted motion. I specialise in 2D animation in After Effects, especially character animation. I also have skills in frame by frame in Photoshop, Animate and Procreate Dreams and 3D in Blender.


I can solve design problems with beautiful and arresting images. I am a traditionally trained artist as comfortable with Photoshop and Illustrator as I am with a paintbrush and pencil.


"Brigitte is the number one person you need in your team. A born aspirational leader, talented illustrator and animator, with style and empathy. Limitless opportunities."
Adam Hender
Project Manager, GP Strategies
"In comparison to other freelancers on this project Brigitte's speed and skill set her apart. The stark contrast in the quality of her work and her efficiency was evident, and it truly impressed both our team and the client."
Dom Elsey
Creative Director and Founder, hyper motion
"Brigitte has the mindset and sense of communication needed to imbue true magic into her work. Even with a minimal brief, Brigitte knows the questions to ask to make sure your intent is at the heart of everything she creates."
Rose Benedicks
Performance Consultant, Innovative Learning Group