Q: How does it work?

Animation requires a structured approach. You can get an overview of the whole process at the bottom of this page. You will be involved at every stage to ensure what we create aligns with your vision.

Q: How long will it take?

A two minute explainer might take about 6-8 weeks. A few shorts might take 3-4 weeks. Logo animation could be just a week. Complexity and communication are the key factors to affect timelines. Higher quality takes longer, and longer review periods can extend timelines. I can create a bespoke quote and schedule for your project.

Q: I have a tight deadline, can you make something quickly?

Together we can work out what’s possible within the time you have and create a tailor-made solution for you that is achievable within your deadline.

Q: My script isn’t finished, can you help me?

I have years of experience writing animation scripts and helping clients get their points across in the text as well as the imagery. I can support you in script development to ensure it’s powerful, succinct and memorable.

Q: How do I procure a voice over, music, and sound?
You don’t need to! I can curate a selection of voices and stock audio tracks for you to choose from. For specialised needs I work with Chris Black to create audio idents and music.
Q: What’s a motion toolkit?

A motion toolkit is a portfolio of moving assets which can be used to enhance all your online or moving image content. It can include things like a looping logo animation, idents, lower thirds, title sequences and channel trailers.

Q: I don’t have a clear brand identity. Can you help me?
I can provide branding and logo design for the purposes of the motion we produce together for an additional fee.
Q: Can you provide batches of short form videos for a campaign?
Yes. I can create bespoke individual shorts or templated batches in which some data changes, like the product or location. A popular way to work is to create one long form video from which we extract snippets for distribution via social media.
Q: How much will it cost?
It depends on a number of factors including duration, complexity, style, number of assets to be created, time to deadline and video use and reach. If your budget is tight, let me know and I can create a custom solution for you.

The Animation Process

The animation process follows the same general structure no matter what the final deliverables are.


Strategy → Script → Style → Storyboard


Voice → Animation → Sound Design → Sign-off


Reformat for different platforms
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