Hi, I'm Brigitte Rose,
animator, illustrator and designer.


I can help you to...

Tell your story with gorgeous, lucid explainers
Enhance your brand with elegant motion design
Captivate your audience with beautiful and arresting images


Let's put things in motion!

I’ve been storytelling with award-winning motion for over 15 years. My unique experience makes me a one-stop shop for all your motion needs. From complex character-driven stories to powerful, punchy shorts, I can deliver what you need.

Read more about my background here.


"Brigitte is the number one person you need in your team. A born aspirational leader, talented illustrator and animator, with style and empathy. Limitless opportunities."
Adam Hender
Project Manager, GP Strategies
"In comparison to other freelancers on this project Brigitte's speed and skill set her apart. The stark contrast in the quality of her work and her efficiency was evident, and it truly impressed both our team and the client."
Dom Elsey
Creative Director and Founder, hyper motion
"Brigitte has the mindset and sense of communication needed to imbue true magic into her work. Even with a minimal brief, Brigitte knows the questions to ask to make sure your intent is at the heart of everything she creates."
Rose Benedicks
Performance Consultant, Innovative Learning Group