Animated Illustrations: SiyonaTech

The respected bespoke e-learning company SiyonaTech came to me seeking a complete overhaul of their website illustrations, which had not been updated for many years. They commissioned me to create a number of animated illustrations and icons throughout their site, as quickly as possible, to get the site ready in time for an event.

SiyonaTech’s mission is to design inspirational solutions that have a positive impact on learners. Their work is carefully crafted to make a big impact so it was important for the brand to stand out and be visually unique in the sector.

SiyonaTech’s values are grace and happiness. After an initial exploration of style through mood boards we decided that a flowing ink line would best express these values visually.

I started off working in ink on paper to really understand and capture the style, before moving into Illustrator to create animatable vector files.

I created a few different variations on the Art Direction before we finalised the style and moved into production.

We used .lottie files exported via After Effects for scalable, lightweight animations which would work seamlessly in Webflow.

The hot air balloon is part of SiyonaTech’s logo and features throughout the site, sometimes guiding the viewer through pages.

‘Siyona’ is a Sanskrit word which means ‘Graceful’ and ‘Happy’. The company founder’s daughter was born as the company was being set up and both received the name. Siyona was also adopted as the company mascot and features in this illustration.

I created a range of looping feature illustrations for different parts of the site.

I also created icons in the same style.

All together we went from mood board to 22 animated illustrations and 25 icons in under two weeks.

If you’d like to add some motion to your website, through scalable vector animations or even gifs, get in touch! I can help you decide the best approach and create memorable moving images for your brand.