Livestream Titles: BOO-cast

I created this dynamic opening title sequence for a monthly YouTube livestream by the band Battery Operated Orchestra. The show has a “Friday Night Live” feel to it with discussion between the band members alternating with recorded segments about their creative process and synthesizer demos.

The initial look and feel used a bold palette of RGB/CMYK. The inspiration was retro video games and sound wave patterns. Electric neon waves in the dark.

BOOcast Style Frames v1

We then went in a different direction with a retro-deco haunted broadcast feel. This style brought in hand drawn and animated elements instead of video and a ghostly green glow.

BOOcast Style Frames v2

After comping in the band’s upbeat and energetic title theme we decided to revive the electric colours and modern font of the first version to keep it feeling vibrant and modern. The RGB of a CRT TV refracted into Cyan and Magenta tied the colours to the 8-bit arcade feel of the music.

BOOcast Style Frames v3