Music Video: Lady Megawatt

Music video direction and animation for the band BOO. Recipient of Green Screen Film Fest award: Best Music Video (2020).

The band wanted this music video to be set inside a power station, not just any power station but London’s iconic Grade II* listed Battersea power station. At the time the site was under construction and inaccessible so I leveraged the 2.5D animation technique to add depth and movement to photos of the location. The end result is a music video which appears to have been shot in Battersea power station.

2.5D typically involves creating layers from a photo and arranging them in 3D space with a virtual camera to create the illusion of depth, much like a traditional diorama.

Another 2.5D technique uses a black and white ‘depth map’ to indicate how near or far away different parts of the image are.