Animated Illustrations: SiyonaTech

The respected bespoke e-learning company SiyonaTech came to me seeking a complete overhaul of their website illustrations, which had not been updated for many years. They commissioned me to create a number of animated illustrations and icons throughout their site, as quickly as possible, to get the site ready in time for an event. SiyonaTech’s […]


Gif Loop Hand Pencil Twirl

I regularly create looping gifs to practice new techniques and learn through play.

Poster Designs

Posters: Gigs

Got an event, gig, film or book to promote? Use a striking poster to get people looking in the right direction! Consider adding motion to extend it’s promotional power into digital spaces.

Ink Portraits

Ink portrait of The Beatles by Brigitte Rose

Some quick sketches done while watching films. Nina Hagen The Beatles Little Antony And The Imperials Captain Beefheart Emma Stone in Poor Things Marianne Sägebrecht and Jack Palance in Bagdad Café

Out and About

Ink sketches of real people seen on the streets. Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan Gardner Street, Brighton Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan London to Bristol Bus London to Sheffield Train