Logo Animations

Oberheim Logo Loop Thumbnail

Just as your logo design is integral to your brand, a logo animation is a key part of your brand’s motion guidelines. A logo animation gives consistency to your moving image content. It can be re-used in a variety of different contexts to increase brand recognition and it can enliven your website and even internal […]

YouTube Trailer: Andrew Gold

YouTube Trailer Andrew Gold Thumbnail

Andrew came to me with a brief to refresh his YouTube channel trailer. His existing trailer had branding inconsistencies and we needed to solve the visual problem of some of the clips being very low-resolution. To this end I created a visual theme around the transforming 3D sphere used on his show title. I introduced […]

Social Media Promos: BOO

Social Media Promos

I’ve crafted multiple campaigns and created a variety of moving image assets for the band Battery Operated Orchestra. From animated album covers to video teasers and album promos, I can create whatever you need to capture your audience’s attention on social media. Snare promo loop Social Media Promos BOO-cast promo loop https://brigitterose.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Lyrics_We-Bind-you_480p_1500kbps.mp4https://brigitterose.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Quotes_Snare_480p_1500kbps.mp4https://brigitterose.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Quotes_YTAY_480p_1500kbps.mp4https://brigitterose.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/NM-blueman_640p_1500kbps.mp4

Livestream Titles: BOO-cast

I created this dynamic opening title sequence for a monthly YouTube livestream by the band Battery Operated Orchestra. The show has a “Friday Night Live” feel to it with discussion between the band members alternating with recorded segments about their creative process and synthesizer demos. The initial look and feel used a bold palette of […]

Poster Designs

Posters: Gigs

Got an event, gig, film or book to promote? Use a striking poster to get people looking in the right direction! Consider adding motion to extend it’s promotional power into digital spaces.

Motion Graphics for Film: Foxlake

2.5D Titles: Foxlake motion graphics for film

This short documentary on Foxlake Adventures by Scotica Film required energetic, textural graphic elements for the titles, credits and lower thirds. I designed and animated these and also enhanced some shots with 2.5D effects. It was a real joy to work with Scotica and to support the great work that Foxlake does for young people. […]